15 Days of Chinese New Year 2018

Kickstart the Lunar New Year on a prosperous note! From February 1, spend any amount at The Club and drop your spending chit(s) into the draw box located at the Concierge. For 15 days beginning Friday, February 16, one lucky winner will be drawn daily to win a bevy of prizes!
Date Prize Name of winner
Friday, February 16
$100 Club voucher  
Saturday, February 17 $100 Club voucher  
Sunday, February 18 $100 Club voucher  
Monday, February 19 $100 Club voucher  
Tuesday, February 20
Sunday Brunch at The 2nd Floor
for 4 valued at $152
Wednesday, February 21
Sunday Brunch at The 2nd Floor
for 4 valued at $152
Thursday, February 22
2 Personal Training sessions
valued at $160
Friday, February 23
$208 The 2nd Floor
beverage voucher
Saturday, February 24
$208 The 2nd Floor
beverage voucher
Sunday, February 25
2 sên 60-minute Bamboo
massages valued at $220
Monday, February 26
165-minute Mineral Wellness
Treatment valued at $255
Tuesday, February 27
105-minute Ageless Facial by
Gaylia Kristensen valued at $265
Wednesday, February 28 $500 Club voucher  
Thursday, March 1  $500 Club voucher  
Friday, March 2 $500 Club voucher  
Winners on weekends or public holidays will be drawn and announced on the following working day.
Limited to one prize per membership.
Sen vouchers can only be utilized at the new spa.