Redevelopment Update: Change in Outlet Operations

Please note the following changes in outlet operations as our Club redevelopment work moves into its next phase:



Eagle's Nest

The 2nd Floor

Union Bar

Thyme Cafe

sên Spa


Fitness Studio 


Squash Courts


The Pool

Travel Desk




Will be closed and boarded up within days of migration beginning; the migration is set and finalized for March 12. There will be no reception counter or seating area in the current lobby location. A small, manned welcome stand at the main entrance will be in place to welcome Members and guests. Our main reception desk will temporarily move further into the building, closer to the pool entrance, but still indoors. The main stairway will be demolished as part of Phase 5. Access to The 2nd Floor and Thinkspace will only be available via the elevator or the stairway next to the elevator. To sign a guest in during this period of the redevelopment please sign them in at the welcome stand and our staff will direct them accordingly.


Smoking Area

Please note there will be no smoking on site beginning next Monday, March 12 until further notice.

Scotts Road Entrance

We will be announcing the opening of the Scotts Road Member entrance in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details.


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