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Prospective Members

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The American Club Experience

Try out The American Club and see why many consider us their home away from home.


Get an existing Member to recommend you and you’ll get to enjoy the hospitality that is hallmark of The American Club.


Three easy steps to claim your rewards:


1. Fill in the proposal form from the Membership Office and hand it in directly at the Membership Office or the Concierge Desk. To qualify for credits, proposal form must be received before your friend participates in any of The Club’s membership marketing initiatives that may be running throughout the year, and also before the new Membership Application Form is submitted.


2. The Membership Department will contact the proposed new Member to discuss Membership options.


3. Upon election of new Member, following General Committee approval and full orientation, the proposer and the new Member each will be rewarded with F&B dining vouchers, subject to Membership Type:


Referred Membership Type       Rewards
Ordinary Membership                    $500 F&B Dining Vouchers each
Service Membership                      $250 F&B Dining Vouchers each
Term Membership                         $150 F&B Dining Vouchers each


Vouchers will only be awarded if the above steps are followed.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.


For more information, please contact the Membership Team at 6739-4360 or email