Club Services

Here at The Club, we have an array of services designed for your convenience and to let you live life to the fullest. Whether you are trying to relax and de-stress, loosen those tense muscles and improve your skin complexion, or just feel like being pampered like royalty, our full service sên spa is the place for you. Indulge in one of sên’s signature treatments and spa therapies to get you through your hectic schedule. Choose from a wide range of soothing massages, body treatments, facials, and even spa for your nails. Not sure what to choose from? Our attending spa consultant will guide and help you pick the most suitable therapy.


If you haven't been to our Club Library, prepare to be awed by our 20,000+ collection of books that are current and ever growing. Supported by a team of dedicated and passionate Members comprising the Library Sub-Committee, the Library will keep you coming back for both the latest book titles as well as DVDs at a location overlooking The Club Pool. How's that for a view?


While you're at The Club, take care of the daily chores and needs such as grocery shopping, laundry and even parcel shipping at Essentials. We have just about everything you need from cereals, eggs, to deodorant to even organic products.


To get those name cards or even personalized greeting cards designed and printed, speak to our in-house graphics specialists and let them do all the leg work while you score the brownie points with cards that will leave you beaming with pride.


These are but a few of the services exclusively available to our Members. Check out the individual services and see how we can make your life so much easier.