Club Investment Portfolio

The Club’s Investment Policy is under Chapter 26 of The Club Bylaws. With the membership voting in favor of proceeding with Clubhouse redevelopment on June 3, 2015, The Club’s reserves were placed in lower risk fixed deposits while awaiting clarity on redevelopment cash flow requirements. The maturity dates of these fixed deposits are staggered to meet anticipated redevelopment cash flow timings.


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Email EOGM 2015

Dear Member,

You have received this email because you are an eligible voter at this year’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM). The online voting procedure for the 2015 EOGM has commenced.

The agenda is to consider and, if seen fit, to approve the following resolutions:

1. Resolution as recommended by the General Committee:

a.  It is resolved that The American Club undertake the Redevelopment Project as recommended by the General and Strategic Planning Committees. The General Committee may modify the Redevelopment Project from time to time. The capital investment shall not exceed SGD $65 million and will be in accordance with financing plans endorsed by the Finance Committee.*

* Please note that Resolutions 1 a. and 2 a. are mutually exclusive. Please indicate your preference by voting in both Resolutions, however, a vote "FOR" in both Resolutions would render the vote void.

2. Resolutions as recommended by Eligible Members:

a. Resolved, that the American Club of Singapore shall spend up to S$45 million in the next five years to renovate the Club, an amount which will include currently expected needs for existing plant and equipment upgrades; and, for the avoidance of doubt, the Club shall hold a minimum capital reserve of S$30 million in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden natural disaster, fire, or an extended financial downturn.* (Proposer: Mr. Richard Hartung, Seconders: Mr. Jay Sibel, Mr. James Ellis)              

b. Resolved, that The American Club  appoint a local Singapore based audit company to audit all Classes of Capital Funds/Reserves/Investment Funds(plus all Top Ups) from 2006-2015 prior to the 2015 AGM in November 2015. The Club website is to show all records relating to key financial indicators historically (and other data as required for membership to determine where we were, where we are, to help make a better Club) for the previous 10 years by July 1,2015. An independent Club audit committee will be established for a two year period--- consisting of 7 Club Members with 4 being Associate Members with a minimum of 15 years membership in The Singapore American Club. The members of this Audit Committee will be proposed as an amendment to this resolution at the June 3, 2015 EOGM.  Their two year term shall commence July 1, 2015. (Proposer: Mr. James Ellis, Seconder: Mr. Jeremy Smith)

We will close the vote at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Please complete the ballot in one session. A response is needed for each resolution in order for the submission to constitute a valid vote.

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you on Wednesday, June 3, 7:30 p.m. for the EOGM.


By Order of The General Committee
Scott Weber

Closing Date for Absentee Ballots:  Tuesday, June 2, 7.30 p.m.





1. Notice Agenda View

Instructions on how to vote

3. Absentee Ballot Form View
4. 1a. TAC-EOGM 2015 Redevelopment Resolution Summary View
5. 2a. TAC-EOGM 2015 Redevelopment Resolution Summary View
6. 2b. TAC-EOGM 2015 Redevelopment Resolution Summary View
7. TAC-EOGM Statement from GC addressing Member Resolution 2a View
8. TAC-EOGM Statement from GC addressing Member Resolution 2b View
9. Redevelopment Brochure View






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Extraordinary General Meeting 2015 Follow Up

The Club’s Extraordinary General Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 3. We would like to thank everyone who made time to attend and also those who made the effort to participate by absentee and electronic voting. The participation rate for this year increased substantially compared to previous years and it was heartening to see so many Members taking the future of The Club so seriously.

The salient points are on The Club’s Notice Board but here is a quick update on what transpired at the meeting. The standard motions to approve minutes, the Annual Report and audited accounts for the last financial year were approved. The proposed amendment to our constitution was also passed allowing the children of Members to stay on the family membership until 25 years of age. More information about this will be made available soon.


The most important agenda items was whether The American Club should undertake the Redevelopment Project as recommended by the General and Strategic Planning Committees. The General Committee may modify the Redevelopment Project from time to time. The capital investment shall not exceed SGD $65 million and will be in accordance with financing plans endorsed by the Finance Committee.
We want to also take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many Members who have either written in or called to discuss items on the agenda. There were many great discussions and some of the points that were brought up will be reviewed in greater detail amongst the committee and management teams.


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