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Junior Eagles Tennis Program


The Club offers group instruction for children aged 5 – 16. The guiding principle of the Junior Eagles Tennis Program is to teach lessons based on what is best for the long term development of the player. As we do currently, students will be placed in a level according to age and ability.


Within that level, there will be a set of tasks to help develop all aspects of a player’s game. During each lesson, players will perform certain tasks to develop fundamental skills. Some tasks take a short time to acquire the necessary skill, while others can take a number of weeks to master. The tasks cover every aspect of the game, and set quality foundation to ensure that all players can reach their full potential.


Each student will be given a player's chart of tasks, according to their level, to be learned and performed. As players learn and accomplish new skills, the tasks will be signed off by the coach, and players rewarded with stamps on their charts.


Click here to view class schedules and fees.




Due to Redevelopment, the Junior Tennis Wet Weather Program is no longer available since Monday, February 26, 2018. In the event of inclement weather, tennis lessons will be cancelled and Members will be notified via SMS. The Fitness & Leisure Team will notify Members once the Junior Tennis Wet Weather Program is reinstated. 


For more information on the Junior Eagles Program Policies and Procedures, please click here.