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Junior Tennis Wet Weather Program

Dear Members,

Starting from Monday, September 23, we will be reinstating the indoor program which we had prior to redevelopment. 
During inclement weather like haze or rain, we will still proceed with the junior programs as per normal on Mondays to Fridays between 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. using our Club's indoor facility. The meeting point for the indoor program will be at the Tennis Courts.

Please be reminded that the indoor program is part of the tennis term and will be treated as such, meaning that Members will need to provide a Medical Certificate for any exemptions. 

This program is an excellent opportunity for the juniors to work on their fitness, coordination/ racket skills, and gain valuable team building experiences with the other students and coaches. All programs conducted are age appropriate, and held in a safe, fun, and energetic environment.
The fitness drills used are aimed at improving specific tennis oriented movement, footwork, and coordination. These drills are useful to all levels of players, from beginner juniors focused on getting to the ball, to high performance players needing to add speed and agility to their game.
Training Objectives: 
Yellow Eagles Red Eagles and White Eagles Blue Eagles and Development Squad Advanced Squad
Basic racket control Basic racket technique and control Racket technique, touch and control Racket technique, touch and control
Movement Movement and speed Movement and speed Movement and speed
Coordination Coordination Coordination Coordination
Group Activities Endurance Endurance Endurance
Fun games Introduce interval Training Interval Training Intense interval Training
Hand and eye coordination Fun and games Flexibility Flexibility
Footwork drills/ ladder drills/ cones General body strengthening General body Strengthening General body Strengthening
  Basic core Basic core Intense core training
  Hand and eye coordination Hand and eye coordination Hand and eye coordination
  Footwork drills/ ladder drills/ cones Gym equipment Gym equipment
  Fun and games Footwork drills/ ladder drills/ cones Footwork drills/ ladder drills/ cones
   Stretching Stretching Stretching
Please note: The indoor program is not applicable for weekend classes and for adult programs.

For more information, please approach Tomas or our coaches. For more tennis events, please click here. To subscribe to our F&L EDM, please click here
Warmest regards 
The American Club Tennis Team