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Peter Burwash International (PBI)


The Company

Peter Burwash International (PBI) was founded by Canadian Davis Cup player Peter Burwash in 1975.


Through a meticulous selection process of professionals and sites, and a comprehensive training program, PBI has grown to a group of over 95 tennis professionals who staff 55 exclusive resorts and clubs in 23 countries. 


Recognized for its world-class teaching program and exceptional customer service, PBI tennis professionals have taught over three million students since the company was founded.


The Peter Burwash Story

Peter Burwash is a former Davis Cup and Canadian #1 player, winning 19 singles and doubles titles during his playing career. He is one of the United States Professional Tennis Association's (USPTA) original “Master Professionals” and a past winner of its “Professional of the Year” award.


Tennis Industry Magazine recognized Peter as one of four coaches "who changed the game” and Inside Tennis included him in their list of “The 100 Most Influential Forces in 20th Century Tennis”. His revolutionary book, Tennis for Life, is an industry best-seller and he was a television commentator and analyst for TSN and CBC tennis broadcasts in Canada for many years.


Peter Burwash travels widely each year on the international speakers circuit, appearing frequently at tennis, travel and business conferences. A past member of the Young Presidents Organization, he is the author of eleven books on tennis, leadership, health, fitness and motivation.


The PBI Way

PBI offers a simplified, common-sense approach that has benefited millions of tennis enthusiasts worldwide.


PBI instruction successfully applies these stroke and strategy fundamentals to players of all ages and abilities, teaching students “to become their own coach”. Instead of a standardized teaching system, PBI instruction focuses on each individual's unique abilities which allows them the freedom develop their own unique styles and play more naturally.


A PBI tennis lesson is a blend of personalized coaching that guarantees when the student returns for another lesson, or visits another PBI location, the teaching picks up again right where the last lesson left off. PBI’s innovative Tennis for Life™ program features a menu of private and group lessons, social and competitive tournaments, Cardio Tennis™, player matching and energizing tennis events.


What Makes a PBI Professional

PBI’s professionals are considered the company’s greatest asset, as they provide the basis for all service and quality. Therefore, the selection criteria are strict. It is of vital importance to PBI to recruit, train and maintain high quality professionals.


The procedure for becoming a part of PBI is a three-step process: review of application, personal interview and training. Candidates are selected for an interview on the basis of a good application and a positive set of character references.


The PBI job interview lasts an entire day, consisting of group sessions, private interviews, on-court playing and teaching evaluations.


The successful candidate must then complete the company's comprehensive 450 hour training program. PBI believes that even if new personnel have had years of experience, they need the extra dimensions offered by PBI's training program which covers all aspects of resort and club tennis programming.


PBI's approach to tennis teaching includes tournament organization, court maintenance, racquet stringing, public relations, customer service and the travel industry. No other organization in the tennis industry offers such comprehensive training. 


Continuous Education

PBI's week long annual meeting is attended by 100% of its professionals from all over the world. This provides an opportunity for the professionals to upgrade skills and knowledge.


The meeting is a most important aspect of a PBI pro's career development and improved job performance. Guest speakers representing a cross section of the tennis, hospitality and club industries ensure that the pros receive the most current information available to stay on the cutting edge of the latest tennis teaching, programming and marketing ideas.


Online Magazine by PBI

A must for all Tennis enthusiasts who would like to improve their skills!


PBI offers a complimentary online subscription to their monthly magazine. Improve your game with the latest tips and techniques. For more information, click this link:

TENNIS FOR LIFE® Featured Videos by PBI
PBI has another benefit for the Tennis enthusiast as a form of continuous improvement.

It’s a simplified and common-sense approach to teaching tennis which, for over thirty years, has benefited millions of tennis enthusiasts worldwide. This approach to teaching the game is not a "system".

The concept that "we teach individuals not systems" is shared by PBI pros worldwide and provides an opportunity for tennis players of all ages and abilities to get their games "unstuck" and get to the next level.

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