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Let's Celebrate 1 Month Sampler Membership



The American Club offers 1-month Sampler Membership to potential members who are eligible for the Ordinary, Service and Term Membership categories. This is a good opportunity to experience Club life before becoming a full-fledged Member.


Please click here to download the 1-month Sampler Membership application form and return the completed form with required documents to



• 1-month (continuous) trial usage of The Club.

• Access to all Club F&B outlets and facilities, including parking, subject to the restrictions specified.

• Access to all Club events and activities, subject to availability of places

• Children above 12, below 21 may apply for Junior Membership at the prevailing fee.

• Join within 14 days of completion of 1-month Sampler membership and receive a welcome gift of $600 worth of F&B vouchers. 



• A non-refundable fee of $604.50 applies.

• Parking is available at $15.30 per week.

• All charges incurred are to be settled by credit card or cash coupon.

• Fee is inclusive of 7% GST.



• Restricted to one 1-month Sampler Membership per person/family.

• Not available to participants from 2 week Summer Sampler program from May-June 2018.

• Not eligible for extension.

• No guest privileges.

• Enrollment for recreation classes based on availability.

• Personal training and coaching subject to availability.

• No checking out of library materials.


Other terms:

• Credit card imprint must be provided with application. Imprint will be returned at the end of the 1-month period upon return of membership card(s).

• The program can be discontinued at any point at the discretion of the General Committee.

• The 1-month Sampler Membership is a “Restricted Membership” category as provided for in the Constitution:


Restricted Members

11 (a) Eligibility, Limitation The General Committee may at its discretion establish one or more classes of Restricted Membership and determine from time to time the conditions of eligibility for Restricted Membership, the restrictions applicable to classes of Restricted Members and the maximum number of Restricted Members of any class. Admission of Restricted Members shall be at the sole discretion of the General Committee.


(b) Privileges Restricted Members shall enjoy such privileges and shall pay such fees as shall be determined by the General Committee from time to time.