Squash Friendly at Penang



A group of Club Members travelled to Penang last weekend to compete in a Squash Friendly against the Penang Sports Club. Our team put up a good fight, but unfortunately were beaten by a stronger side on the day. Well done to those players who represented us:  Nicolas Ng, Chris Ng, Steve Blencowe, James Ng, Dave Nishball, Tan Eng Sun, Gene Wasosky and Robino Ho.




Third Car Registration

Over the years, we have received requests from Members who wish to register more than 2 cars for entry to The Club car park. This is to facilitate convenient access regardless of which car is being used on any particular day. The good news is that the IU system which controls access to The Club car park, now provides the capability for us to offer the option of this added convenience to Members. Please note that even if you opt to have three cars registered with us, in order not to add to the car park usage compaction, only two cars can access the car park at any one time. This option has been available since July 1, 2014. The cost is $750 per year. If you would like to register a 3rd car, please send your membership number and car license number details to concierge@amclub.org.sg or drop by the Concierge Desk to fill up a car registration form.



Mobile Charging Stations Use

Due to high incidence of keys going missing, The Club has implemented a check-out system for the phone charging stations. To charge your phone, please approach any member of the Concierge or Membership team to sign out the key for your device locker. For the convenience of other members, do not charge your device for more than 2 hours at a time. Any member who doesn’t return the key at the end of the day will be billed $35 for lock replacement. Thank you for your cooperation.


Getting Ready for Another Busy Day at The Club

Watch this candid video, which is the first in a series that reveals what goes on behind the scenes each and every morning as American Club team members prepare for the day ahead as early as 5:00 a.m. each morning. From the central production kitchen where your Thyme Café soups, desserts, salads and sandwiches are prepared to the kitchens of Eagle’s Nest and The 2nd Floor. Watch how the teams get ready to welcome our Members day in and day out.






Improved Photocopying, Printing & Scanning Services

In case you haven't heard, you are now able to photocopy your documents at a tap of your membership card and have this directly billed to your account. Members will no longer need to use their photocopying card or loan a photocopying card at the Membership Office, and can utilize the machine at the Business Center during non-business hours. Besides this, you will also be able to print or scan your documents when using the Business Center computers. Please note that a one-time registration of your membership card is required. If you still have the photocopying card, please return it to the Membership Office by Saturday, August 23 to receive a refund. We hope that you will enjoy these improved services. For more information, please drop by the Membership Office.