Mobile Charging Stations Use

Due to high incidence of keys going missing, The Club has implemented a check-out system for the phone charging stations. To charge your phone, please approach any member of the Concierge or Membership team to sign out the key for your device locker. For the convenience of other members, do not charge your device for more than 2 hours at a time. Any member who doesn’t return the key at the end of the day will be billed $35 for lock replacement. Thank you for your cooperation.


Improved Photocopying, Printing & Scanning Services

In case you haven't heard, you are now able to photocopy your documents at a tap of your membership card and have this directly billed to your account. Members will no longer need to use their photocopying card or loan a photocopying card at the Membership Office, and can utilize the machine at the Business Center during non-business hours. Besides this, you will also be able to print or scan your documents when using the Business Center computers. Please note that a one-time registration of your membership card is required. If you still have the photocopying card, please return it to the Membership Office by Saturday, August 23 to receive a refund. We hope that you will enjoy these improved services. For more information, please drop by the Membership Office.



Medal of Commendation Award from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)

The Club is pleased to announce that our General Manager, Martin Rudden, received the Medal of Commendation Award from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), on April 29, from NTUC Secretary-General, Lim Swee Say. The award was given during the NTUC May Day Awards, in recognition of Martin’s keen involvement in industrial and employment matters which has resulted in positive labor-management relations between The Club and the Attractions, Resorts, and Entertainment Union (AREU).


Upon receiving the award, Martin had this to say, “I’m profoundly honored by this acknowledgement, but more importantly, the award reflects management’s commitment to improving the professional and personal lives of our staff. We have an amazing and diverse team of individuals that deserve my (and our) dedicated efforts to enrich their lives.”




Parking and Leaving The Club

Please be reminded that according to Bylaw 3.1.1, parking facilities at The Club are reserved for vehicles owned or leased by Members and registered with The Club. Members may park registered cars in The Club's parking area only while the Member remains on Club premises. Members who are caught leaving the premises will be subject to the penalties set out in Bylaw 3.1.2.

Additionally, the two 5-minute parking bays are available for your convenience if you need to quickly grab dry cleaning, wine or groceries. Chauffeured vehicles should not be using these lots, and if these lots are full, please proceed to the nearest vacant lot and avoid parking in the yellow box. We thank you for your co-operation.



sên Online Reservations

The Club is pleased to announce the launch of sên Online beginning April 1, 2014. The new system gives our spa users the ability to book a relaxing massage, facial or mani-pedi combo session without having to call in to the spa reception desk. All you need is to register on The Club's website to access this new feature. This new feature gives our frequent users the ability to view available therapists or technicians and set up appointments accordingly. Registering on our website also lets you find out your account balance, book tennis courts and purchase wine online.


For more information about sên Online, you may refer to our list of frequently asked questions by clicking here.