Medal of Commendation Award from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)

The Club is pleased to announce that our General Manager, Martin Rudden, received the Medal of Commendation Award from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), on April 29, from NTUC Secretary-General, Lim Swee Say. The award was given during the NTUC May Day Awards, in recognition of Martin’s keen involvement in industrial and employment matters which has resulted in positive labor-management relations between The Club and the Attractions, Resorts, and Entertainment Union (AREU).


Upon receiving the award, Martin had this to say, “I’m profoundly honored by this acknowledgement, but more importantly, the award reflects management’s commitment to improving the professional and personal lives of our staff. We have an amazing and diverse team of individuals that deserve my (and our) dedicated efforts to enrich their lives.”




sên Online Reservations

The Club is pleased to announce the launch of sên Online beginning April 1, 2014. The new system gives our spa users the ability to book a relaxing massage, facial or mani-pedi combo session without having to call in to the spa reception desk. All you need is to register on The Club's website to access this new feature. This new feature gives our frequent users the ability to view available therapists or technicians and set up appointments accordingly. Registering on our website also lets you find out your account balance, book tennis courts and purchase wine online.


For more information about sên Online, you may refer to our list of frequently asked questions by clicking here.



Reservation & Cancellation Policy at sên

To maximize your sên Spa experience, we would like to remind Members to call ahead and if you can't get a slot, please leave your name with the receptionist who will then add you to the waitlist. If you're unable to make it for your appointment, please call sên 48 hours in advance to avoid the 100% charge.
Calling in advance is always wise when booking at sên especially during peak period as well as festive seasons. You could make your reservations via phone, email  or in person. If you cannot obtain an appointment at sên, please leave your name with the receptionist and we will add it to the wait list. It is frequent that Members cancel along the way. Once that happens, we will call the next person on the list.
Standing Appointments
For frequent users who would like to book their favorite therapist on a regular basis at the same time each week, we have standing appointments available as well. This will ensure that your services will be there for you when you are come.
Cancellation Policy
Your treatment and your provider’s time are reserved specifically for you. Therefore, a 48-hour advance notice is appreciated should you need to change, cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late notifications and ‘no call, no shows’ will be charged at full treatment price.

sên performs approximately 150 services daily however we also experience a fair amount of cancellation. On average, we have 15% cancellations on any given day. This is costly to The Club as we have pay the part timers even when no service is rendered. We would like to remind Members that you have to cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment as anything less than that is subjected to a 50% charge of your services. 'No shows' or cancellations on the day itself will be subjected to 100% charge. This is to prevent loss of revenue for both The Club and therapists.
Per Bylaw
15.3.3 Cancellation Deadline
To avoid a cancellation fee, cancellations or postponements of scheduled appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
15.3.4 Late Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the scheduled services will be charged if cancellation is less than 48 hours in advance. All 'no shows' will be charged at full value of the price of the scheduled services.
We do make exceptions for Members who say that it is an emergency or a family member has fallen ill, however we have all cancellations on record and will be able to refer back.
Please be punctual for your service. Any delay in starting will result in a shorter service time to avoid keeping the next Member waiting.
At certain times of the day, sên experiences a high level of traffic. This could be from responding to walk-ins or on the phone. You may experience a delay and we may be only able to get back to you 24 hours later. As a reference, should we not be able to reach you, we will follow-up with an e-SMS to inform you.

Club Carding Policy

With many Members having sons and daughters returning from College at this time of the year, we thought it would be a timely reminder to communicate our Carding Policy. In accordance with the laws of Singapore, no person under 18 years of age is permitted to consume alcohol at The Club. The Club has a strict Carding Policy to ensure compliance with the law. If you intend to consume alcohol and you are accompanied by other guests, please be aware and inform your guests as well that The Club reserves the right to refuse service and deny entry to all individuals who cannot present a valid Membership ID or passport with photograph or a Singapore issued PR/NRIC identification card. State issued driver’s license from other countries will not be accepted. Parents are also reminded that they may not bring their underage children to the Union Bar even though they may not be consuming alcohol. We appreciate your cooperation.



Let’s Make the Red, White & Blue a Little Greener

Let’s make the Red, White & Blue a little GREENER...


Each year in the Gym, we use around 120,000 disposable plastic and paper cups. Crude oil, natural gas and coal are used in the production of plastics and all are limited natural resources.


The Club sends much of its waste for recycling, and in 2012, we recycled over 20,300kg of paper, and 6,100kg of plastic and glass. However, while this can be manufactured into new products, most plastics are not biodegradable and they will remain in the environment for hundreds of years.


We would like your help in reducing The Club’s environmental footprint by supporting the removal of plastic and paper cups from the Gym as of Tuesday, October 1.


From this date instead of using the disposable cups, please bring a reusable bottle for your workouts. Not only will this help the environment but it will encourage you to drink more water as you train. A great outcome all round!