Termination of HSBC Bank Services

HSBC has advised that, in line with their strategic focus on helping businesses grow and trade internationally, they will be closing The Club’s bank account with them effective October 23, 2013.


This means that Members transacting with The Club through HSBC internet banking will need to shift to the use of other bank accounts from that date. For Member convenience, The Club maintains accounts with all of the major banks in Singapore: Citibank, DBS, UOB and OCBC.


We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause to our Members who currently transact with The Club through HSBC. Please contact our Accounts team, Jeselene at 6739-4490 or Vanessa at 6739-4390, should you have any queries.


To view the HSBC Closure Letter, please click here.


Act of Honesty - Congratulations to Huang Chenkun


Congratulations to our partner vendor staff from California Laundry, Huang Chenkun, for his act of honesty dated Saturday, September 28. It was just another day at work for Huang but this day proved to be different when he found an envelope containing $13,000 worth of cash. He promptly alerted his supervisors who then informed The Club Duty Managers of the find. The money was quickly returned to a very grateful Member and The Club presented Huang an Essentials hamper for his honesty.


Every day at The Club, many valuables such as smart phones and jewellery are returned to the Concierge for safekeeping. Last year, close to 130 items were found and safely returned to Members. The Club is thankful to have staff who are both honest and passionate about their work.


Let’s Make the Red, White & Blue a Little Greener

Let’s make the Red, White & Blue a little GREENER...


Each year in the Gym, we use around 120,000 disposable plastic and paper cups. Crude oil, natural gas and coal are used in the production of plastics and all are limited natural resources.


The Club sends much of its waste for recycling, and in 2012, we recycled over 20,300kg of paper, and 6,100kg of plastic and glass. However, while this can be manufactured into new products, most plastics are not biodegradable and they will remain in the environment for hundreds of years.


We would like your help in reducing The Club’s environmental footprint by supporting the removal of plastic and paper cups from the Gym as of Tuesday, October 1.


From this date instead of using the disposable cups, please bring a reusable bottle for your workouts. Not only will this help the environment but it will encourage you to drink more water as you train. A great outcome all round!


Reservation & Cancellation Policy at sên

To maximize your sên Spa experience, we would like to remind Members to call ahead and if you can't get a slot, please leave your name with the receptionist who will then add you to the waitlist. If you're unable to make it for your appointment, please call sên 48 hours in advance to avoid the 100% charge.
Calling in advance is always wise when booking at sên especially during peak period as well as festive seasons. You could make your reservations via phone, email  or in person. If you cannot obtain an appointment at sên, please leave your name with the receptionist and we will add it to the wait list. It is frequent that Members cancel along the way. Once that happens, we will call the next person on the list.
Standing Appointments
For frequent users who would like to book their favorite therapist on a regular basis at the same time each week, we have standing appointments available as well. This will ensure that your services will be there for you when you are come.
Cancellation Policy
Your treatment and your provider’s time are reserved specifically for you. Therefore, a 48-hour advance notice is appreciated should you need to change, cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late notifications and ‘no call, no shows’ will be charged at full treatment price.

sên performs approximately 150 services daily however we also experience a fair amount of cancellation. On average, we have 15% cancellations on any given day. This is costly to The Club as we have pay the part timers even when no service is rendered. We would like to remind Members that you have to cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment as anything less than that is subjected to a 50% charge of your services. 'No shows' or cancellations on the day itself will be subjected to 100% charge. This is to prevent loss of revenue for both The Club and therapists.
Per Bylaw
15.3.3 Cancellation Deadline
To avoid a cancellation fee, cancellations or postponements of scheduled appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
15.3.4 Late Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the scheduled services will be charged if cancellation is less than 48 hours in advance. All 'no shows' will be charged at full value of the price of the scheduled services.
We do make exceptions for Members who say that it is an emergency or a family member has fallen ill, however we have all cancellations on record and will be able to refer back.
Please be punctual for your service. Any delay in starting will result in a shorter service time to avoid keeping the next Member waiting.
At certain times of the day, sên experiences a high level of traffic. This could be from responding to walk-ins or on the phone. You may experience a delay and we may be only able to get back to you 24 hours later. As a reference, should we not be able to reach you, we will follow-up with an e-SMS to inform you.

Changes at the Eagle's Nest

Breakfast @ The ‘Nest’ is our new breakfast buffet concept at the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant. Breakfast at Eagle’s Nest has been redesigned to provide our Members with a more relevant, refreshing and above all, generous experience.


The Breakfast @ The ‘Nest’ includes:


- eggs and omelets made to order;

- breakfast meats and potatoes;

- fresh seasonal fruits;

- an assortment of pastries and breakfast breads, cereals, yogurts;

- one featured local daily item.


There will be a limited a la carte menu offering a few items not included in the breakfast buffet. For example, Steak & Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Vegetable breakfast wraps etc. To complement the Eagle’s Nest options, Thyme Café have also started serving new breakfast selections such as the Panini and croissants priced at $9.95. If you look at the myriad of choices available to you now, you will know that this step will undoubtedly fulfill our Members’ desire for fresher and healthier options with a hint of decadence.


So whether you are looking for a fast and healthy breakfast experience or a more leisurely buffet with satisfying options, Breakfast @ the Nest is the right choice.


Hours of Breakfast Buffet – 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (Monday to Friday)


Adult Member/Guest: $16.95

Member/Guest Child (under 12): $9.95

Member/Guest Child (under 5): $6.95

Member/Guest Child (under 3):  free


Eagles Nest Closure

With the ever-tightening labor market here in Singapore, our service teams have been adversely affected in that recruitment of new staff has become increasingly more difficult. This trend has become more and more apparent to Members as we see fewer staff within the outlets trying their best to deliver on the value propositions Members have come to expect.


As we grapple with the new reality of this extremely tight labor market, we are cognizant of the need to remain focused on maintaining Member satisfaction. To this end, The Club has decided to close the Eagle’s Nest between 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday so that staff can be redeployed to busier outlets. This decision was made after reviewing usage patterns and covers at the various outlets over the last six months. The new operating hours will begin Wednesday, September 11.


During this period, Members will still be able to order from Union Bar, Poolside and Thyme Café. This closure coupled with the new breakfast buffet concept will help with more efficient deployment of team members during peak periods. This will allow us to open all sections of the restaurant during peak service periods.  


In early October, we will be also change several keys pieces of kitchen equipment that will make the food cooking and meal creation process more efficient. This will help reduce wait times. Additionally, a new menu will be launched with a growing emphasis on weekly (and soon, night) specials versus our current monthly specials to add more variety to your regular dining experience.


We appreciate your patience and support as we transition to this new operating reality. We look forward to serving you at Eagle’s Nest very soon.




Executive Chef