Poolside Changing Rooms

Parents are reminded not to change their children into swim suits on the pool deck and dining areas. Additionally, it is unsanitary to use the Grillhouse tables as diaper changing stations. The tables around the pool are used by Members dining at the Grillhouse restaurant. Please be considerate and change your child(ren) in the Poolside Changing Rooms.



The Club’s Restaurants are Open to Guests from Mondays to Thursdays Effective September 9, 2020

Fantastic news - The Club's restaurants will be open to Guests from Mondays to Thursdays, effective Wednesday, September 9. The no-guest policy still applies on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Members are reminded that:

• They are responsible for the behavior of their guests and for ensuring that guest access is restricted to Club restaurants only.

• Their guests must comply with The Club's Safe Management Measures, including our Face Mask Policy.

• Their guests must be registered at the Guest Check-in Kiosk at the Claymore entrance.

• Members and guests must check-in and check-out using the SafeEntry App.


View Acting General Manager's Message Here.



We are HACCP-certified, for the 10th Year!

‘Happy Smiles’ and ‘Happy Bellies’! We are HACCP-certified, for the 10th year!


The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food-safety-related risks through the analysis of food safety hazards in raw materials, manufacturing processes, distribution and through to the consumption of the finished product.


Esther Chua (pictured), Food Safety & Assurance Manager at The American Club Singapore shares, ‘Our Club’s ‘farm to fork’ approach promotes a food safety culture and system. The journey begins from the selection of suppliers, to the selection of raw materials, preparation, cooking, and serving the final dish to our Members. Stringent control measures, guidelines and protocols were established within these processes, supported by documentations and recordings. Food Safety is key to what we want to create at The Club – ‘Happy Smiles’ and ‘Happy Bellies’!’




Capacity Limit for The Quad Studios

Some of the classes offered by the Youth Team are running full presently, based on the capacity limit mandated by the Singapore government.


We have been advised by the inspectors that capacity limit applies to The Quad Studios waiting area as well.


In order comply with the capacity limit, children who are five years of age and below, may be accompanied by one parent or an authorized helper, who may stay at The Quad Studios waiting area to assist your child during breaks. For children six years of age and above, we request that you drop your child off just five minutes prior to the start of the class. Similarly, please come just on time towards the end of class to collect your child.


We understand that parents do enjoy gathering at The Quad Studios to watch your child or to meet and chat with other parents, however The Quad Studios waiting area will be strictly for drop-off and pick–up only.


Please proceed to other parts of the Club, such as Central, the Lobby or Thinkspace, to wait for your child, or if you would like to catch up with other parents.


We thank you for your understanding.



Safe Management Measures at the Pools

Members are reminded to book pool usage via the JOGA app

Members who wish to use the pool must book a slot using JOGA app. Click here for more information.


Confirmation of pool slots

Members who book their pool slots via JOGA and receive a "WAITLIST" notification should not head to the pools. You will receive a "CONFIRMED" notification once your pool slot is confirmed, and you will then be able to head to the pools.


Registration at the Aquatics counter

Members who have successfully booked a pool slot via the JOGA app, and receive a "CONFIRMED" slot must head to the Aquatics counter to confirm their attendance before entering the pools.


Capacity limit for each pool applies

While a confirmed booking reserves your time at the pool and allows access to all three pools, the lifeguards will still be ensuring that the capacity limit for each pool is not breached. A Member with a confirmed booking for a family of five planning to use the Recreation Pool will only be able to use the pool if by entering the pool, the capacity limit of the pool is not breached.


For example, if there are already four people in the Recreational Pool, only three people out of the family of five can enter the Recreational Pool, to ensure we do not exceed the capacity limit of seven people. Capacity limit applies even if Members have confirmed their pool slots via the JOGA app.


Capacity limit for pools

• Lap Pool - 37

• Recreational Pool - 7

• Baby Pool - 1


Email aquatics@amclub.org.sg for more information.