I have been training with Desmond for over 10 years now with a break of 4 years when I was posted outside Singapore. Upon my return a year back Desmond and I focussed on strengthening my back and overall fitness levels as I travel extensively.


I have found our sessions extremely valuable in building overall strength (especially core strength) and stamina levels. As a result I am feeling a lot more confident about pushing myself in the gym including cardio exercises like running. Also a number of exercises that he has taught me are such that I can do them when I am traveling, thus helping me to maintain continuity of fitness levels when I am on the road.


I find Desmond adapts and innovates in the sessions keeping me engaged with new exercises and pushing me continuously. I am very happy to recommend him as a trainer who has extensive experience and is able to develop smart programs based on an individual’s requirements.


- Shailesh Baidwan



I started working with Des about 6 years ago. An X-ray identified disc problems in my neck and arthritis in my shoulders and I was anxious to avoid further deterioration.


Desmond developed an exercise regime and has persevered with me over the years to address the disc issues and improve my overall strength.  


I certainly have benefitted from working with Desmond. His knowledge, professionalism and encouragement have been motivational.   


- Richard Martin