Erwin has helped me immeasurably after having torn my calf muscle while playing tennis and I was in serious need of physiotherapy. Getting healthy and back on the tennis court was forefront in my mind so I turned to Erwin for his expertise in dealing with patients with injuries through physiotherapy and massage manipulation. Erwin used a variety of techniques all designed to aid me in my recovery and rehabilitation and he educated me on the importance of stretching, resting, cooling, heating and other ways to keep my muscles, tendons and body healthy and strong. Erwin's knowledge in physiotherapy and the human body was pivotal to my quick and complete recovery. I have highly recommended his services to many of my friends who, along with me, have been completely happy, healed and satisfied patients. Is it any wonder I call him the Magic man?


- Amy Albanese



Since January 2013 Erwin has been my Physio-therapist, and in March 2014 I also started rehabilitation training with him. When I first starting seeing Erwin it was for symptoms from a pinched nerve in my neck, lower back problems, and pain that radiated up and down my legs. I had been dealing with these problems off and on for several years.


After seeking help with chiropractors, physical therapist, and various other doctors, several friends recommended that I try physiotherapy with Erwin. At first, Erwin recommended that I come twice a week; he stated that it would be that way for a couple of months. Within one month, I was able to scale back my treatment to once a week, and shortly thereafter I was just seeing him only once a month. I am currently using his rehabilitation services, and we are working on strengthening all the muscles that are weak and stressed. Most importantly, I have been pain free for over 5 months!


Erwin’s knowledge with physiotherapy, and with the body, as well as his confidence in his abilities, has helped me with a speedy recovery. I have been very satisfied with his treatments, and have recommended him to several friends.


- Karen LaBranche