9 months ago I went along to my first personal training session with Irfan. I started the sessions with bursitus in my left ankle and poor core strength. As a long term runner I was a little frustrated to be doing low impact and rehabilitative exercises. Irfan tailored exercises to my injury and kept me interested and motivated. Today the injury is gone, my core strength is much improved and I and toned and lean. Unlike other trainers I have experienced, Irfan ensures form is always right, he puts the building blocks in place before increasing intensity and tailors to individual goals. I always feel like I have had a good workout and the results speak for themselves. I thoroughly recommend Irfan as a personal trainer. You can't go wrong!


- Melissa Ries



I have been training with Irfan for more than a year. I could not be more pleased with the experience! I undertook this investment of time in an effort to improve my overall health and fitness level while achieving weight loss. As a middle aged father of a new born son, I started the program with fresh inspiration for embracing an improvement in my lifestyle. Irfan has helped to provide the glue that links my inspiration with a daily action plan. 


My experiences with Irfan have shown the value of expertise and guidance in achieving my goals. His technical knowledge and creativity provide a foundation of confidence in our approach to each workout session.  However, it is his easy personal style and positive, motivational attitude that keeps me coming back week after week. I would enthusiastically recommend Irfan’s assistance for anyone looking to achieve improvements in their health and fitness. In our time together, I have tracked improvements in strength, reduction of weight of 10kg and improved cardio fitness levels. I look forward to continuing to work with Irfan to achieve the next level of accomplishments.


- Keven Dunphy



I chose Irfan to be my Personal Trainer based on his profile and experience. I had not been exercising for a while, and was looking for someone who would be able to tailor an exercise program based on my age and level of fitness. During my first session with Irfan, he went through a detailed assessment of my health, fitness level, and goals. He also took a baseline measurement of vital statistics so that we could measure my progress over time.


I saw Irfan 3 times a week and he typically switched between cardio, strength and core training. I would like to say that he put me on a very tough program, but in honesty, he tailored the exercises based on what I could realistically do. As I was quite overweight and had not exercised in a while, he was careful to provide me with an exercise routine that was tough, yet moderated. I also suffered from a bad back, having 2 slipped discs previously. He was very good at monitoring me throughout the session, and would adjust the intensity based on his observations. Irfan also focused on building up my core so that I could strengthen my back. Although I was exhausted after every workout, I never suffered any injuries and always felt that I had made gains. My stamina and overall health have improved.


My original goals were to lose weight and get fit. My stamina has significantly increased and I have lost 5% of body fat in the year that I have been seeing him. I have gained muscle mass and I feel fit and healthy. In fact, I used to have high blood pressure but the exercise program has now allowed me to attain a normal blood pressure.


- Brent Gault