I came to know Michael Cheah more than 10 years ago when I decided that I needed some fitness training. However because our schedules did not work out, I was trained by a series of other personal trainers, most of whom are no longer with The American Club.


As luck would have it Michael could fit me in when I returned to PT last year. I talked to Michael about becoming fitter than I was then and if I could, I wanted to lose some excess weight.


My PT is sporadic at best because I travel. However, I have benefitted from working with Michael because I have improved in my level of fitness (although there is much to be desired). The credit is his, the lapses are mine.


I like training with Michael because he gets me to work and he varies the exercises and the machines so that I do not get bored. I trust him and leave him to decide what I will do each time we have a PT session.


I have already mentioned my fitness goal, which is to be fitter than I was before I started exercising again. Michael has helped me achieve this and as we continue (provided I am diligent and consistent) I should gradually increase my fitness level.


- Anne Wong Holloway