I am delighted to write a recommendation in reference to personal fitness trainer Robert Cliff Hoffman.


I am a new member as of January 2015 at the American Club and I use the fitness center 6-7 days a week. I am also an American Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Adult Joint Reconstruction. I have been an athlete my whole life and have competed on sports teams at a high level through college at Penn State. I have been involved in weight training since high school and would consider myself in pretty good shape overall.


However, like many people, I desire to improve my fitness level, strength and stay healthy, and that is why I try to exercise and eat healthy each day. I had never asked for help in my weight training before meeting Robert. But, as I was going through my usual training routines at the gym, I noticed Robert working with other members. I started watching him instruct members on proper form and technique during their exercises. Over a period of a few weeks, I started evaluating my form, which I thought was good, more critically. I realized I was not as good as I could be. I also decided I wanted to elevate my training routine to a higher level and develop my strength, definition and symmetry better than I had been doing on my own. I also wanted more visible results than I had been achieving independently.


So, I spoke with Robert about my goals and desires and set up a training program with him. Robert is an experienced bodybuilder with excellent symmetry and when watching him perform exercises he uses excellent form for each movement. This was what I was looking for. However, just because someone looks good and well developed, doesn’t mean they can teach others how to exercise properly.


To my delight, Robert has had a wonderful demeanor while teaching me how to perform each movement properly with great detail, positioning my body for optimum results, while minimizing the risk of injury.


He is very competent in his range of knowledge on how each area of the body needs to safely move to strengthen and grow, and he is very insistent about stretching during the exercises, which I have found to be quite helpful. He is able to use a variety of techniques to address my individual needs, and knows just how much to push me for the goals I have given him.


Now that I have been working out with Robert for several months, I will easily say he has exceeded my expectations. And this is from someone who is a very picky and meticulous surgeon and teacher, and is generally hard to impress. Robert is now training my wife and occasionally my three children when they are out of school, so they will exercise with proper form as well.


I highly recommend Robert without reservation as a skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer for all ages.


- Frederick F. Buechel

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Board Certified (USA)

International Robotic Knee Replacement Specialist



I decided to take the fitness test at the gym. Robert did the test for me and after communicating what I wanted to achieve, we started working together. My goal was both to become faster on the tennis court and better at anticipating balls, while also losing weight. After training with Robert, I lost weight AND inches. My tennis coach is also very happy with my increased pace.


Robert and I are now working on stretching to overcome my stiffness and pushing me to get even faster on the court.


- Nicole Bell