I want to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Ghazali the last few months while I was in Singapore. I’m back in the States now and missing him big time.  


When I first contacted The Club about working with a personal trainer I said that my goal was to tone up, build muscle and burn fat. I was looking for someone to push me and help me add definition. To put it simply, Ghazali delivered.  


From my very first session to my last, Ghazali greeted me with his signature smile. He was extremely reliable and accommodating with my schedule. Ghazali’s passion to help his clients meet and exceed their goals, coupled with his extensive knowledge, experience and ability to connect with his clients, is what sets him apart. He constantly introduced me to new exercises and made every session different and exciting. Not only did we discuss my fitness, but also my diet and nutrition. He made sure I knew that what I did outside the gym was just as important as what I was doing in there. He pushed me when I wanted to quit but also had the ability to know when I had hit my max and would make the necessary adjustments.


Ghazali is a fantastic motivator and gave me the confidence to enter the (previously intimidating) weight room on my own. Not only did he work with me at The Club, he also gave me exercises to do while I was away on holiday to keep me on track and ensure I met my goals.


I left Singapore stronger and fitter than I have ever been since having my children and that is all thanks to Ghazali. Now comes the true test to see if I can continue to achieve progress without his constant motivation and guidance. One thing is for sure – my workouts aren’t nearly as fun without him.


Thanks again for setting me up with the best.  


p.s. I’m representing The American Club well at my gym in the US with all of my awesome gear. Thanks again for your generosity! 


- Karissa Krause