8 months…for 8 months, I have been going to the gym. If it doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s more than I have ever done in my life. Generally, after a few weeks, I would come up with a plethora of (bad) excuses for not going back, becoming an expert at avoiding the real issues.


Until I met Yattz at The American Club.


The first day, I was very honest – even if scared to be judged – telling him right away that I had weight problems, was always tired, sore, and of course, very lazy. But nothing was too challenging for Yattz, who assured me that he would be by my side, focusing on my weaknesses, showing me how to work out better, and teaching me when to push harder.


After the first few sessions, I discovered how badly in shape I was, but Yattz was able to make me believe in myself with his constant positive reinforcement, his determination in not letting me regress, and adapting the session if I had any injury. I improved my endurance, I enhanced my upper body strength by gaining more muscle, and I began focusing on my goal: to just keep trying. Little by little, I felt more confident and even stopped finding excuses to avoid the gym. I want to go! I need to go! I feel energized before a session and Yattz knows how to make each one interesting and engaging with new exercises.


No sooner did Yattz face a new challenge: I decided to start canoe paddling! I was amazed to realize that, thanks to Yattz, I can now partake in a sport that requires endurance and power, and am even ready to go for more! Should I add that I can also play squash now during the weekends?


But there is another reason I keep going back to Yattz week after week – he is high-spirited, funny and enthusiastic, and I am truly enjoying each session. And if Robert happens to pass by to check on how I feel, he would find me smiling and prouder than ever, reaching new heights, going the extra mile that I never dreamt of attaining before.


Thanks Yattz! You’re the best.


- Magali