TAC Buy & Sell Group



Do you have tons of preloved items looking for new owners? Or are you moving back to the states this summer and would like your beloved helper to find employment in a new home? Join our brand new TAC Buy & Sell Facebook Group and connect with fellow Club Members! 


How to join? 
1. Login to your Facebook account
2. Click here to access our Facebook group
3. Alternatively, search "TAC Buy & Sell" on Facebook
4. Click "Join Group" and provide your membership no. and email address for verification 
5. Your request to join the group will be approved within 3 working days 



What is the TAC Buy & Sell Group?

This is a closed Facebook Group for TAC Members only, to buy and sell their preloved items. This group serves the same function as the physical buy and sell board available within The Club, but on an electronic platform instead. The rules for the physical buy and sell board applies to this closed Facebook group too.


How long will my listings be shown?

Your listings will be shown until it’s been marked as sold. If you have already sold your item outside of this Facebook group, please remember to mark your item as sold or unavailable.


How do I join the group?

Refer to our infographic on how to join the group, or you may simply search “TAC Buy & Sell” within Facebook. Members will need to provide their membership number and email address for verification. Your request to join the group may take up to 3 working days to be approved.


I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still join this group?

Unfortunately, as the group is hosted on Facebook, Members will need to have a Facebook account to join the closed group.


I have a Facebook account but I’m concerned about privacy. Is there a way to join the group without compromising on my privacy?

Click here for a step by step guide on how to make your Facebook account private so public users are not able to view your posts or pictures. Alternatively, Members can create a “dummy” Facebook account and join the group using the “dummy” account instead of via your personal account. Our physical buy & sell board located within The Club is still available, this Facebook group is just an additional platform.

Happy posting!