The American Club Whatsapp Channel

Receive timely updates from The Club via Whatsapp including the latest news on COVID-19, Club news, and clarification of Club-related fake news. 

How to register? 

  1. Add the number 9722-6473 to your contact list on your mobile phone.
  2. Whatsapp 9722-6473 with your full name and membership number (e.g. A123400 / A123401)
You will receive updates from The Club one working day after you have whatsapped us your full name and membership number. Do note that if you do not add the number 9722-6473 to your mobile phone contact list, you will not be able to receive Whatsapp updates from The Club.
This number is NOT an inquiry or reservation number; please continue to direct all queries and bookings to the relevant outlets. We are in the process of getting our Whatsapp account verified.