Your Summer Gift 2020

June 5, 2020
The General Committee is pleased to let you know that The Club is giving a Summer Gift to each member. The Gift is credits totalling $200 for a Family membership or $150 for an Individual membership. 
The credits are designed to let you take advantage of a selection of The Club’s food and beverage offerings, as well as virtual fitness, both while the Clubhouse remains closed and once the Clubhouse reopens. Whereas vouchers in the past have often been limited to specific outlets and were not usable for wine from Essentials or The Gourmet Pantry, for example, this Gift offers a far wider range of options. 
You can use your credits for any food order from TAC2Go!, which has a wide range of options already, including a la carte favorites and bundle meals, with even more options to be added as the summer progresses. Alternatively, you can use your credits on a selection of `Summer Gift’ items on Essentials2Go!, including our popular house wines and most popular cocktails, steaks, and cakes. Once The Club reopens, you can use the credits for food orders in Tradewinds, Grillhouse, Central or the Union Bar. 
Moreover, you can use the credits for virtual fitness classes with Coach Greg and Coach Tomas now, or you can use the vouchers for group fitness classes when The Club reopens. The team from the gym have put a variety of programs online so that you remain fit even when you’re at home. 
To make using the credits very flexible, they are issued in denominations of $25 and will be applied to your bill automatically. Families will receive eight credit vouchers and Individuals will receive six credit vouchers, valid until September 30, 2020. A maximum of two sets of credits or $50 (2 x $25) will be applied for each purchase of food, wine, or activities. Please click here for more details. Tracking and redemption of credits will be seamlessly handled by our Finance department via your monthly statement of account, so you don’t need to manage physical credit vouchers. 
We realize that many Members feel cooped up at home, even after Phase 1 of reopening has started, and stress or anxiety has increased for some Members as well. We also know that more Members than usual are staying in Singapore rather than returning to their home country for a vacation. The GC hopes that these credits will make it even easier for you to enjoy summertime in Singapore and take advantage of being able to do more digitally at the Club. And once we get the green light to reopen more activities at the Clubhouse, we hope you’ll use the credits to come back in and enjoy your meals in person at The Club.