The Library re-opens on July 1, 2020

Operating Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Contact: 6739-4478 /




1. All Members will be required to sign in/out with the Librarian to enter the
library. Please bring along your Membership card.
2. Entry to the library is on a first come first served basis.
3. The maximum capacity is 20 Members and staff at one time. Should the
maximum capacity be reached, Members will be advised on the next
available timing.
4. All visits to the Library will be capped at 30 minutes per visit.
5. Members are only allowed to 'borrow and go" and are not permitted to be
seated in the Library to read or work.
6. Members may continue to return physical library materials via our book
drop located at the Library, outside Essentials & via the Concierge desk.
7. Members will be allowed to borrow 14 physical books, six DVDs and six
magazines per card
8. All loan period for physical books will be extended to three weeks
(originally two weeks), and two weeks for DVDs and magazines (originally
one week)
9. Members who wish to reserve a book can email
All reservation pick-ups will be via Thinkspace counter.