Anyone with recent travel history must remain in their place of residence at all times for a 14-day period upon return. Violating a SHN can result in penalties including work and residency passes being revoked. For more information, visit



Please practice social responsibility at The American Club


  • - Members shall not come to The Club if they are staying with someone who is serving a Stay-Home Notice. 
  • - Members shall not come to The Club if they or their family members have returned from overseas travel within the last 14 days.
  • - Members shall not come to The Club if they are unwell or have a medical certificate that requires or recommends that they stay home for at least five days.
  • Members shall exercise care and submit accurate travel and health declarations. 



Travel & Health Declaration Forms *UPDATED*



Guests (Helpers, Drivers):



Modified Operating Hours and New Capacity Limitations


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This number is NOT an inquiry or reservation number; please continue to direct all queries and bookings to the relevant outlets. We are in the process of getting our Whatsapp account verified.



Precautionary Measures - Members 


Entry Restriction Measures 

  • - Streamlined entry points.
  • - Declaration Form verification will be enforced at the car park.
  • - No guests are allowed in The Club, but this restriction does not apply to drivers and helpers.

- ALL Members must re-submit their Travel and Health Declaration Form if they have not done so since March 16.

  • - All helpers and drivers must submit the Guest Travel and Health Declaration Form.
  • - Declaration Form verification will be enforced at the car park and Claymore entrance. 
  • - Members may apply for access cards for their children aged 12 years and older, or parents, to facilitate entry to The Club. Membership team will verify proof of relationship and also passport to ensure they have met 14 day travel clearance before issuing cards. Fees apply.
  • - Members are requested to practice social distancing.
  • - Members are reminded to not visit The Club if they are feeling unwell, or if they have been in contact with someone who has or is at risk of having COVID-19, until they have completed the 14-days clearance. This entry restriction includes the following types of activities and also applies to Amahs and Drivers:
    • 1. No picking up or dropping off laundry.
    • 2. No returning or picking up books at the Library (The Club will waive late charges if you are unable to return your books on time due to the Club entry restrictions related to SHN and travel).
    • 3. No collection of TAC2Go! orders
  • Safe Distancing Measures 
  • - Members are requested to practice social distancing.
  • - Members are reminded to wipe down gym equipment before and after use. 
  • - Tradewinds will suspend buffet service from March 18 until further notice. A la carte menu is still available.
  • - Seating capacity at Tradewinds, Central and the Union Barhave been reduced by 17%, to allow a one-meter buffer between tables. The 2nd Floor will be closed from March 17-30.
  • - One-meter buffer spacing applies throughout The Club, and usage capacity limit is subject to each area’s space capacity to avoid crowding.
  • - All birthday parties, social events and venue reservations will be cancelled.
  • - Kids’ classes (sports, youth, aquatics) and programs will be cancelled to minimize inter-mingling.
  • - Adults’ classes (e.g. group fitness, Masters swim classes) will be capped at 10 participants including the instructor.
  • - Members are to contact the outlets directly if they would like to enquire about private classes.
  • - Union Bar has a food shop licence and hence will continue operations, however live entertainment at Union Bar will cease.
  • - TAC2Go! – Home delivery service will be added in two weeks. For more information, please click here.
  • - Pre-order selected groceries and merchandise from Essentials, replenish your favorite wines and meats from The Gourmet Pantry, and order home care items from Sen Spa. Call our hotline at 6739-4324 if you would like information about our top-selling items from these outlets.



  • Precautionary Measures - Staff


- Travel and Health Declaration Forms

- Streamlined entry points

- Temperature checks and holding areas at Claymore entrance

- Frontline service staff are issued surgical masks 

- Kitchen staff are issued mouth shields

- Management and Administrative teams are on Split Team work arrangements and the teams are working from home on alternate weeks- Updated Travel and Health Declaration Forms to include all countries 

  • - Any staff who has returned from overseas within the last 14 days will be issued Stay-Home Notice, and must stay home

  • - Social distancing at staff areas with one-meter buffer spacing


President/ General Manager's Messages on COVID-19


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