Club Closure from April 7 to May 4 (Inclusive)


As guided by the Singapore government’s circuit breaker advisory, The Club will be closed from April 7 to May 4 (Inclusive), and only the three essential services listed in the table below will be available during this period. 
Only Members with haircut appointments will be permitted to enter the Clubhouse, head directly to the hair salon at the scheduled appointment time and leave immediately after. The Clubhouse is out-of-bounds otherwise, as no other on-site services will be available. 
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I have a scheduled haircut appointment at The Club, and I have ordered TAG2Go! takeaway. Can I wait in the lobby and collect my takeaway order at the Lobby?
No, the Clubhouse is closed. You cannot wait at the Lobby. You may only head to the sen hair salon for your hair cut at the appointment time and leave the Clubhouse immediately after. You may collect your TAC2Go takeaway order from the collection point at the taxi stand at Claymore Hill only.
I am driving to The Club for my scheduled haircut appointment. Where can I park? 
The B1 and B2 car parks are closed. You may only park your car at the ground floor car park and enter the Clubhouse via the main Claymore Lobby entrance. Temperature check and Travel and Health Declaration verification will still be strictly enforced. 
My child below the age of 12, has a scheduled haircut appointment, can I accompany my child? 
Yes, if your child is below the age of 12 years old, and has a scheduled haircut appointment, you may accompany your child to the hair salon, and wait at the hair salon. Moving around to other parts of the Clubhouse is not permitted. 
I have a scheduled haircut appointment, can I bring my children or family members to the hair salon with me?
No, access to the Clubhouse is permitted for the Member with the scheduled haircut appointment only. Companions will not be permitted to enter The Club.
Can I still hang out at the Lobby or at Thinkspace? 
No, the Clubhouse is closed, with the exception of the hair salon, which is open for haircuts, strictly by appointment only. 
Can I wait in the Lobby if I am early for my scheduled haircut appointment? 
No, you may enter the Clubhouse at your scheduled haircut appointment time only. 
I have a scheduled haircut appointment. Can the hair team also provide coloring or other hair treatments? 
No, the government is only permitting essential services from April 7 to May 4. The hair team is strictly only permitted to provide haircut service. 
I have a scheduled haircut appointment, will my hair be also washed and blown dry? 
Our standard haircut service includes wash and blow-dry, unless Member requests for a dry cut. 
This circuit breaker period will affect many companies and individuals. It can only be effective if we all heed the call to stay home as much as possible. We seek your understanding and support on these changes, so that The Club is not in breach of the authorities’ requirements.


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