Winter Camp 2019

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NOTE: Photographs of Campers will be taken during Camp and posted in a private Facebook group. Selected photographs may be utilized on The Club’s marketing channels including magazine, e-newsletters and social media. If you prefer not to have your child/ren’s pictures taken, please inform the youth team during registration.



2 - 3 years old

4 - 8 years old

9 - 14 years old


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Book now – limited slots left!




Age Group 2-3 is fully booked for all Week 2 & 3.

Age Group 4-8 is fully booked for all four weeks.

Age Group 9-14 is fully booked for Week 4.



Winter Camp Week 2


  • 2 - 3 years old
  • December 23-27 – Fully Booked

4 - 8 years old

  • December 23-27 – Fully Booked


Winter Camp Week 3

  • 2 - 3 years old
  • December 30 and January 3– Fully Booked

4 - 8 years old

  • December 30 - January 3 – Fully Booked
  • 9 - 14 years old

    • January 2 & 3 – Fully Booked



Winter Camp Week 4

4 - 8 years old

  • January 6-10 – Fully Booked

9 - 14 years old

  • January 6-10 – Fully Booked



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Camps


What happens if I am running late for drop-off?

Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and our activities will commence at 9:30 a.m.

You may wish to bring your child directly to the venue if we are not at the registration point.

Please inform the staff at The Quad so that we wait for you and your child at the venue.


What happens if I am running late for pick-up?

For late pick up, you may call the Duty Manager at 6737-3411 stating clearly your Membership no, the name of your child, the age group they belong to and the time of your arrival so that the Duty Manager would be able to relay the message to The Quad staff and your child accordingly. Your child will not be allowed to leave till you pick them up.

When will my child receive the Camp T-shirt?

Campers will receive their Camp T-shirt on the first day of Camp. Should your Camper require an additional T-shirt for the other days, please feel free to let us know.


In the event of bad weather, will there be a change in the activity?
Yes, all activities reflected in the program schedule may change due to poor weather conditions.   


Returning Absent Members

Returning Absent Members with a valid card issued by the Membership Department can register their child for camp. Payment can only be made by credit card; Absent Members will be required to provide credit card details to the Youth Desk during registration.
Returning Absent Members who have not arrived in Singapore

Returning Absent Members who are not in Singapore may sign their kids up for camp if they have already informed the Membership Department via written notice that they would like to reinstate their Membership. Absent Members are required to provide credit card details to the Youth Desk during registration. 


New Members who have yet to receive a Membership card
New Members who have been issued a day pass and have made payment to the Membership Department are eligible to register their kids for all Camps.


Members' Guests
Members are allowed to register guest child/children of any age group to participate in Camps. An additional 20% guest fee will be charged to Members accounts.


What is the ratio of Counselors to campers?

  • 1 : 3 for 2- to 3years-old.
  • 1 : 5 for 4 -to 8 years-old.
  • 1 : 5 for 9 -to 14 years-old.
  • 1 : 3 for all water activities.

Can children below the minimum age group attend the respective Camps?

Only children who are 3 months away from the minimum age of each respective age group are allowed to join the respective Camps. Eg. A child who is 3 years and 9 months old will be allowed to join Camps for 4- to 5-year olds

Can I pick and choose the different activities and sign my child up for 5 days thus qualifying for a weekly rate?

No, the weekly rate is only applicable for a straight 5 day registration of camp in the same week.


What happens if I have registered my child for a full week of Camp but was not able to fulfil it?
If your child is unable to attend Camp on any of the days during the week, the full Camp fee will still be charged unless you are able to produce a Medical Certificate (MC).

What happens if my child is sick?
Please call Concierge at 6737-3411. Your child will need to submit an MC from a doctor or hospital by the end of Camp week for charges to be waived.


Do I have to leave an emergency contact?

It is imperative that all parents leave an emergency contact as the Duty Manager/Camp Manager/Youth Manager will contact the number listed as your child’s emergency contact if any unexpected situations arise.

What is the cancellation policy for summer camp registration?

Please see our cancellation policy under our T&Cs. 


Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) about our Camps



  1. Campers are strongly discouraged from bringing their valuables to camp (e.g. IT devices, jewellery, cash, etc.).
  2. Charges will still apply for Campers who are unable to attend the days’ activities if they are late. There will be no pro-rating for the day’s activities.
  3. If your child is not feeling well or in the midst of recovering from flu, please refrain from sending him/her to camp as the well-being of our Campers are of top priority.
  4. If your child has an open wound, bump or blister on the face or body, a doctor’s letter will be required to ensure your child will be able to participate at Camp.
  5. Do pack the only the basic necessities for the day’s activities such as water bottle, cap, medication, snacks (if you allow them), sun screen on pool days to prevent the Campers from carrying a heavy bag.
  6. If your child has a special dietary requirement or skin sensitivities, do pack the items you need.
  7. Activities are subject to change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. wet weather.
  8. In the event that a scheduled activity ends earlier than expected, your child may be entertained with fillers including a team building activity, in-house movie, Lego, table-tennis, foosball, air hockey, arcade.
  9. For any emergencies, please call Concierge at 6737-3411.  Please clearly state your child’s name and age group they belong to so that our staff will be able to reach out to the counsellors in charge of your child’s age group in a timely manner.
  10. Please note that the Committee, Management and staff of The American Club are not liable for any loss or damaged property, injuries, accidents that might occur during camp.


  1. Registration is only via the online form on The Club’s website under Youth & Kids – Camp.
  2. All registration must be completed no later than 48 hours before actual activity date. Should we be fully subscribe prior to that, we apologize that you may be turned away.
  3. Walk-ins will not be accepted. 


  1. Members are welcome to register their guests without the sponsoring Member’s child.
  2. The online form must be completed by the Member and sent from the Member’s email address.
  3. Guests are children who are not registered in the Membership system.  This includes visiting children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces.
  4. Member’s children who have reached 12 years of age but do not hold a Junior Membership are also considered guests.
  5. Guests’ charges are subject to an additional 20% of the total fees.
  6. Niche privileges do not apply for guests charges.
  7. All charges borne by Member’s guests will be charged to the Member’s account. No cash / credit card transactions are allowed. 


Niche Groups

  1. VIP & Elite       8% off Member’s child (total bill)
  2. 15k & 10k        5% off Member’s child (total bill)

Sibling Discount

  1. 5% off weekly rate only.  Applicable to one child in the older age group category. Cannot be used with any other promotions or offers (including Niche Group discounts).


  1. Upon receipt of registration, 20% of total camp fees will be charged (non-refundable).
  2. Cancellation less than 7 days from the date of activity, 50% of total camp fees will be charged.
  3. Cancellations 48 hours or less, full charges will apply.
  4. Should a child be absent due to being ill, a medical certificate MUST be submitted for charges to be waived within the week that the child attended camp.